Thursday, October 11, 2007

Even More on Facebook!

Scott Shrake of the Huffington Post wrote an amusing article analyzing the popularity of candidates on Facebook. Shrake approaches Facebook as an outsider, since he is outside the normal demographic, and also just recently joined the site. But he decided to check out the politics on Facebook, since young people think traditional polls are "lame."

Though Shrake readily admits his data isn't exactly scientific, the observations he makes match up with what I found in my first post about Facebook. Obama is the most popular candidate on Facebook, since his supporters are so active online. The "one million strong" group for Obama has about 375,000 members, the closest to a million out of any of the purported "one million strong" groups.

Surprisingly, when I put "one million strong" into the search engine for Facebook groups, the first group that came up wasn't Obama's, but an anti-Hillary Clinton group. As Shrake mentions in his article, the divisiveness over Hillary Clinton reigns on the web.

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