Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Fluff of Candidate Family Blogs

Yesterday, Alex Beam of The Boston Globe lambasted what he called the "ham-handed use of the Internet" among the Presidential candidates. Who does Beam name as the greatest offenders? Beam singles out Hillary Clinton for spamming supporters with contrived emails from Bill, and Mitt Romney for the corny "Five Brothers" blog.

When checking out "Five Brothers," I found it to be a great example of all the pitfalls that come with the blogs of political insiders and family members. It manages to contain a lot of words without really saying anything at all. Does anyone who isn't already a huge Romney fan honestly care about seeing staged pictures of Mitt Romney with his grandkids or reading about how Tagg Romney was convinced by his dad not to register as a Democrat and become part of the GOP instead?

The brothers also linked to the blog of John McCain's daughter Meghan. This is just as painfully cutesy as "Five Brothers": it refers to itself as a "blogette" and, according to the Bros, will be discussing "shoes and … fashion tips" as well as the realm of politics. Like, oh my God!

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