Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Money Bomb Detonated, Millions Raised

How could a candidate who's currently polling at 2.2% raise over $4.2 million in one day? Simple: the internet.

I'm talking about Ron Paul, who we already know is an internet superstar. But the big news this week is that his internet donation campaign, Remember the 5th of November, raised $4.2 million on Guy Fawkes Day, surpassing any one-day Republican donations so far. The aim of the 5th of November was to get supporters to donate at least $100 each, and clearly, it adds up.

Some attribute this to Paul's geek appeal among libertarians. But as Paul spokesman Jesse Benton noted, this fundraiser had been "building up virally" in chat rooms and throughout the internet.

Paul's passionate supporters have another "money bomb" set to go off on November 11th, Veteran's Day, as well as one commemorating the Boston Tea Party on December 16th, known as the Ron Paul Tea Party.

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